High-quality facing brick and face tile of “Fagot” trade mark are manufactured under technology of half-dry hyperpressing of natural material shell limestone, which has been considered the home averter from ancient times.
Кирпич облицовочный
Кирпич для заборов
Плитка фасадная
Цокольный кирпич и плитка

Новинка! Кирпич Фагот Л100
Кирпичный завод Фагот
  • Over 24 years on the market of construction materials
  • We were the first to introduce hyperpressing technology in Ukraine
  • Manufacturing technology of our products was patented
  • High strength of the brick and tile exceeds 200 kgf/cm2
  • Accuracy of geometry
  • High frost-resistance – 100 cycles
  • Variety of colours, finishes, dimensions and shapes
  • Eco-friendliness and durability
  • Wide range of prices – price categories from “super economy” to “elite”