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About the factory

Ангар для отстаивания продукции
Buying our products you get:
  • Wide range of finishes and colours
  • High strength
  • Durability
  • Eco-friendliness

Brick factory Fagot has been a leading manufacturer of facing brick and tile in Ukraine and CIS countries for 24 years.

We were the first in Ukraine and CIS to introduce new technologies in manufacturing hyperpressed bricks.

At the factory a new automatic control system has been introduced and unique in-house design equipment is used. The enterprise has its own raw material resource base, where high-quality shell limestone is being mined for.

We exercise strict quality control of manufactured products, which is achieved due to use of high-quality materials, highly skilled specialists’ work and application of state-of-the-art equipment.

The factory manufactures over 700 kinds of bricks and tiles. To fulfill clients’ order promptly, in any scope and range, we keep over 10,000,000 units of finished products.

At the enterprise products quality and broadening of their range is constantly improving.

High level of quality management system is confirmed by certificate of conformity to requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2009.

A powerful dealer net has been formed in CIS and EU member states.

Products of Fagot trade mark excel with a variety of geometrical shapes and finishes.

Unique technology of mechanical chipping allows getting an inimitable finish of every brick, which can not be achieved through application of other technologies, for example, pressing or casting. Brickwork made of such bricks attracts attention with its relief and singularity.

By strength and accuracy of dimensions our products leave behind many analogs.

Compressive strength 350 kgf/m² min.
Water absorption 6.3% max.
Frost-resistance 50 cycles min.
Accuracy of dimensions ±0.5 mm

23 colours of manufactured products, colour schemes in tiger and iridescent products satisfy the most delicate taste.

All this allows using our products in construction of multi-storey houses and cottages, fences, arches, arbours, for interior finishing, during reconstruction of buildings and small architectural forms.

Only eco-friendly materials are used in the production process. Shell limestone has been used for building houses from ancient times and is considered the home averter.

Price categories “super economy”, “economy”, “classical” and “elite” allow client to select the product, meeting his/her financial capacity. The price depends on brick finish, colour and width and quality in any price category remains equally high.