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Technical characteristics

Among facing materials represented in the market of Ukraine and neighboring countries the products of Fagot trade mark distinguish themselves with beauty and durability, broadness and originality of the products range.

All products of “Fagot” trade mark are of high quality, resistant to any climate conditions, vary in finish, colour and geometry and have perfect technical characteristics.

Index Unit of measure Unit of measure under DSTU B V.2.7-7:2008 On actual basis
Strength kg*f/cm2 200 350 min
Water absorption % 6-15 6.3 max.
Frost-resistance cycle 50 50 min

Products of Fagot trade mark are manufactured under technology of half-dry hyperpressing of natural material shell limestone, which has been considered the home averter from ancient times.

At the factory innovative technologies are being constantly introduced. Due to this quality and technical characteristics of the manufactured products significantly exceed requirements of the standards.

In 2003 the factory adopted a new unique manufacturing technology, which allowed to improve quality and design of the manufactured products significantly with the competitors left far behind.

The unique technology of mechanical chipping allows getting an inimitable finish of every brick, which cannot be achieved through application of other technologies, for example, vibration compression or casting. Brickwork made of such bricks attracts attention with its relief and singularity.